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What can I use neoprene rubber washers on?

Rubber Washers - Rubberfeetwarehouse

Top uses for Neoprene Rubber Sealing Flat Washers:

1.Repairing dripping faucets 

2.Toilet seats

3.Boat windshield wipers

4.Weight lifting bars and dumbbells

5.Washer machine hoses.

6.Shower heads

7.Toilet supply lines

8.Glass tables

9.Pvc pipes

10.License plates

any many more applications

Rubber washers/rings have center holes that allow fasteners or fluids to pass through. Rubber washers prevent leaks, protect surfaces, absorbs shock, dampen vibration. Also use for plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems, pools, boats, and as rubber spacers in machinery with frequently moving parts.These rubber spacers provide a tighter seal than metal washers in many applications.

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