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Rubber Tip Ends For Cane Crutch and Walker | Blog

Rubber Tip Ends For Cane Crutch and Walker | Blog

Rubber Cane Crutch Walker Tips | Blog

Rubber Cane Crutch Walker Tips | Blog  From Rubberfeetwarehouse 

Cane tips receive a lot of wear and tear over time, some canes,walkers,and crutches doesn’t even have any reinforcement on the tips at all, which may be fine for light use but most use their cane,walker,crutch,or walking stick daily so these tips are mandatory.If balance,stability,and comfort is a concern for you, then you need these high density rubber tip ends.

High quality rubber cane tips provides great support and is easy to install, just slide it on the end and to remove you simply pull off while still providing a nice tight fit.

A new rubber cane tip will ensure the stability of your new walking stick or cane on almost any surface.

Worn out rubber cane,walker,crutch tips can be very dangerous. Using your walking device without rubber feet can cause slip and falls and also the possibility of sinking through surfaces. It’s sort of like a car with bad tires(very risky). You can avoid an accident by replacing your walking cane’s rubber tip frequently. Always keep replacement rubber cane tips on hand so if you check your cane and see that the tips need replacing, you can do it right away. Rubber cane tips are one of the most important cane accessories to have.These are an absolute must for a walking cane.

These are available in several different sizes.

Cane Walker Crutch Tip
Cane Walker Crutch Tip


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