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Self Adhesive Rubber Feet Applications | Blog

Self Adhesive Rubber Feet Applications | Blog

Welcome to Rubberfeetwarehouse.Here at we offer a wide variety of products to meet your project needs.Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.We offer competitive prices and exceptional customer service. Our rubber feet can be found on several different items like cutting boards, musical equipment, tools, appliances, electronics, chairs, tables, glass,computers and many more. If you have any recommendations please feel free to share your thoughts.

At the bottom of most routers there are four rubber feet and the surface it is on we offer replacement feet that will suit your needs. These may meet your needs: Self Adhesive Rubber Feet

Rubber feet are also used as door stoppers which keeps you from knocking a hole in your wall and then hollering like a mad man or woman.Why risk it?? – that’s us. Those bumper feet grip the tabletop so the phone doesn’t slide off. They are also used for spacing purposes or as legs. Can be used for glass table tops which prevents your glass from sliding off of your wooden table.You can also use for coasters. You wouldn’t want your coaster sliding off of the table with some red kool-aid or punch in your cup spilling all over your beautiful carpet. Would you? Can also be used to help keep pictures in place and from sliding back and forth over the wall.

Use on kitchen cabinet doors as well.You ever went to get something out of your cabinet and when you close the cabinet door it makes a loud slamming noise almost giving someone a heart attack with that loud wood on wood contact? Well not if you had rubber bumper/feet which absorbs noise,vibration,and sound.

Rubber feet can also be used on the bottom of your laptop and are also critical to your computer’s health. Laptops tend to create heat when running, which could lead to overheating.Rubber feet elevates the laptop from the surface to allow even air flow thus preventing overheating and costing you hundreds of dollars.  Without these bumpers your gaming laptop can and “will”overheat.Don’t risk going without them!!

Rubber feet are also found on Audio and Video equipment like Speakers, Vcr’s, Dvd Players, Telephones,Amplifiers and so much more. They are also for replacements of feet on HP, Dell,Asus,Toshiba,Sony,and Ibm computers. Be sure to measure the ones that you are replacing and compare to ours.

Stay tuned more to come……….

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