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Using Recessed Rubber Bumper Feet On Air Compressors

Using Recessed Rubber Bumper Feet On Air Compressors

Rubber feet are essential in stopping your air compressor from shaking.Vibration from your shop's tools and the shaking can cause your shop’s machinery to fail and cause pipe fittings and welds to leak. Almost every machine in an garage, work shop, vibrates when in motion. These rubber feet are critical to the longevity of your air compressor.These rubber feet will mount to the bottom of your air compressor and acts as a cushion between the concrete/floor and your power tool.

Air compressor rubber feet


Don’t risk going without this critical part of your air compressor, if you do you run the risk of the weld where the foot of the tank meets cracking.  Avoid this by purchasing these rubber feet for your air compressor. A small investment (less than $2 each) is very well worth it.


Very easy installation you just bolt to the bottom of your air compressor(screws and bolts are not offered, please use your existing screws, nuts, and bolts.

Bottom of air compressor

These are compatible with several makes and models. Any question please let us know. We have another size that is very similar to choose from.Thanks!

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