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Dock Pads

Heavy Duty Neoprene Rubber Bumper Pads

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Our extensive selection of heavy-duty neoprene rubber bumper pads offers versatile solutions for a myriad of applications. These bumper pads can be used in a wide array of settings, including but not limited to exercise and sports equipment, docks, and various other locations. Commonly, they are applied on exercise equipment and dock bumpers and can be conveniently mounted on trailer doors. Their utility extends further to truck doors, trailer gates, door stops, and leg cushions, making them ideal for a range of transportation and storage needs. Additionally, they are highly suitable for use in gyms and exercise environments. In religious settings, specifically for church kneelers, these rubber bumpers are designed to protect the kneeler's wooden or metal frame from damage due to repeated kneeling and movement. Besides offering protection, they also play a key role in reducing noise and preventing the kneelers from slipping or sliding during use. This wide-ranging applicability underscores the functionality and importance of these rubber bumper pads in providing protection, stability, and noise reduction across various applications.

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