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Push-In Bumpers

Push-In Rubber Bumper Feet Stoppers/Rubber Hole Plugs/Rubber Button Grommets

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Push-in rubber bumper feet stoppers, also known as plugs, spacers, stem and grommet bumpers, catch grommets, and button bumpers, serve a multifunctional purpose in various applications. They are particularly effective for plugging holes, acting as spacers, and creating a lift that allows for airflow while also generating friction. This dual function makes them ideal for use as feet on equipment, preventing sliding and ensuring stability. These rubber bumpers are easily installed by simply pushing them into a hole, offering a quick and efficient solution. Their common applications extend to a variety of household and commercial items, such as Crock Pots, Blackstone Grills, griddles, blenders, bench grinders, and numerous other countertop appliances. This wide range of uses underlines their versatility and importance in providing stability, safety, and functionality to a variety of equipment, making them an essential component in both domestic and professional environments.

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