1-5/16" Inside Diameter Rubber Grommet - 1/8" Groove Width - Fits 1-5/8" Holes

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Large Rubber Grommet For Multiple Projects.They're usually used to cover the rough and sharp edges of a hole in metal,wood. They also protect lines,wires and cables from chafing or grazing on rough surfaces.They also be used to reduce vibration and to seal different important under-the-hood and body applications on automobiles.

Inside Diameter: 1-5/16"
Groove Width: 1/8"
Groove Diameter: 1-5/8"
Outside Diameter: 2"
Thickness: 7/16"

Can be used to seal holes, on pvc pipes, protect wires from sharp objects and many other uses.

Durometer hardness - 60

Can be used indoors or outdoors.